Ensure Peace of Mind with Will, Estate Planning, and Estate Administration

Wills and Estate Planning is a core area of services provided at Davidson-Stiles Law Office. Broadly, these services relate to assisting you in ensuring your wishes are met with respect to your body, healthcare, your property, and assets in the event of your passing or your loss of decision-making ability.

The most common tools used in this area are Wills, Personal Directives, and Powers of Attorney. There are, however, several other approaches to these issues. Accordingly, we provide personalized legal advice on estate planning matters to meet your individual needs.

Getting your Will and Estate resolved with Davidson-Stiles

  • Know who you want to leave your belongings to.
  • Know whom should have custody of your dependents.
  • Prepare a list of assets and financial investments.
  • Know how you’d like to approach end of life matters such as life support.

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