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In our practice, we offer a variety of legal services aimed at helping small businesses and corporations protect their assets. Typically, our role will be to assist you in implementing the most effective structure for you to operate your business, such as setting up a corporation and maintaining your corporate legal affairs. We also work closely with other professionals such as accountants and financial planners to ensure that we have a holistic picture and better assist in utilizing the most effective business structure for tax and other financial purposes.

We can also assist with the sale or purchase of a business, drafting agreements for business relationships (such as join ventures and partnerships), matters specifically relating to agricultural businesses, and a whole host of other business and commercial related affairs.

Our small business and commercial law practice is designed to be cost effective with a competitive flat-rate legal fee cost structure.

The Benefits of a Small Business and Commercial Law Team as Your Partner

  • All of the i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, on time, and cost effectively.
  • Mitigate risk and protect your personal interests with the right structures and procedures.
  • A legal partner to help you prepare for the world of business.

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