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Buying or selling a home, land, commercial property, or conveyancing significant personal property assets such as a mobile home, or even farm equipment, is a huge life step. We’re here to help ease you into that process and move you through the deal efficiently. Our real estate law services are designed to be cost effective with a competitive flat-rate legal fee cost structure.

Ideal for...

  • Real estate agents brokering home and property sale deals.
  • Private buyers and sellers of homes or property.
  • Private buyers and sellers of major assets such as farm equipment.

How our Real Estate Law services work

Typically, we start our involvement once a potential deal is in place. This is usually once the mortgage or financing has been approved. For new purchasers and sellers, we are always welcome to help step you through the process. We’ll ensure that all of the proper documentation is in place then meet with the appropriate counterpart of the deal, then transfer monies upon the closing date. Do you have a messy deal that hasn’t gone through? We’ll help clean things up and help you get on your way.

Getting your Real Estate deal with Davidson Stiles

  • We work with both realtors, and private sale individuals.
  • Guide you through the process if you’re unfamiliar or new to real estate sales.
  • All that we ask is to have your paperwork and financing gathered up and in place. We’ll take care of the rest.

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